" Before I took this course I was struggling for quite some time along a different career path, which offered dwindling opportunities and even less rewarding experiences.  And although I was hesitant to make the transition to IT in 2009, I'm so grateful that I did. I can honestly say that this course has changed my life. Now I have over eight years of Business Analysis and UX experience, having worked on a wide range of innovative projects for the Financial Services and Insurance industries.
I owe it all to the fundamentals that I learned in this course and the tireless support and encouragement from Mr. Venugopal Chepur "

Kyle Bluth
UX Lead, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
[email protected]

" This course presents and dissects ideas and concepts that greatly enhance my ability to understand and talk knowledgeably about business concepts. I've found this greatly helpful professionally. Thanks for some phenomenal material in your classes! "

Bill Bridger
London, UK
[email protected]

" I have taken many training programs throughout my career, but this was by far the most educational, engaging, and enjoyable!
I wanted to be an entrepreneur and was not sure what it would take to steer through to be successful. Foundational learning through this course gave me the confidence to stay the course with enhanced my professional confidence. "

Ivan Levazzo
Entrepreneur, Milan, Italy
[email protected]

" The course provides an excellent overview of Business Modeling and Analysis, and career preparations. You do indeed prepare people for great careers in the real world. Perhaps the best course in the market, excellent value for money. "

Mueed Mohammed
Dubai - UAE Participant, Dec. 2010
[email protected]

" I took the course in 2011 when I was looking for a job. The course helped me immensely in facing interviews and I got a job as an Analyst within 2 months. The lessons were so thoughtful as they are so helpful for dealing with career challenges.I have recently been promoted as Vice President at Indus-Valley Bank.
Highly recommend the course for the career minded. "

Kiran Shukla
New Jersey, USA
[email protected]

"I have taken several online courses throughout my career, but this was by far the most educational, engaging, and enjoyable! I took the course in 2011, and it gave me the confidence to survive challenging job markets in the US, and lead my career like a leader. Great course by any measure. "

Agasthya Kumar
Sr. Architect / Technical Manager/Consultant, Virginia, USA

" This course indeed has helped me transition from being a Business Analyst to Digital Architect. The secret has been that I never feel intimated” after this course. Learning became a way of life, and so was my confidence to take on new challenges and phenomenal career progress! "

Pavan Reddyh
Digital Architect and Independent Consultant, Insurance sector, Chicago, IL. USA.

" I did MBA from Syracuse University. But my learning from LearnAhead course was clearly useful to help me right through resume’ creation to Interviewing to getting the final offer as Analyst from KPMG."

Srikanth Ramaswamy
Process Excellence , Robotics at KMPG, USA
[email protected]

"I am so happy to have run into this course. I can say so much, but I would sum it up in one line: Just take the course and get the knowledge that will be helpful for a lifetime! "

Karuna C
Business Analyst, New York, USA
[email protected]

"I found the course very hands on with practical examples which I enjoyed immensely. Learning about the business, technology and combination skills with career management techniques was fantastic. It has been a joy and fun learning through each module. The clarity of the subject matters, professionalism and the ease of learning are indeed excellent. "

New Jersey, USA
[email protected]

" I was looking for a job, and this course was so timely, and surely a life-changing experience. It has immensely helped me more than I can express. I was able to quickly apply myself to several new career opportunities after this course with so much confidence. Simple examples and analogies made all the learning so quick and easy! I would highly recommend it. "

Ramachandra Madduluri
[email protected]